Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wedding Fashion

As I look through the past trends for bridesmaid gowns, I can't believe how much the trends change year on year. There is a lot of bold bright colours with bridesmaid gowns this year...perhaps to warm us up over the past few months of freezing temperatures!! Purple is set to stay, making a huge impact last year on fashion. Here you can view a collection of occasion wear gowns I currently have showcasing within my new boutique, which can be worn for many occasions.

With Bridal Gowns, the lace up corset is making a huge return this year, more so than the zip up bodice. I think having your gown with a lace up bodice is fantastic, especially if you are worrying about your weight. You can really pull in if you have lost any weight prior to the wedding day, which most of us do due to nerves and worry!!

Tule is used a lot in 2010 and very detailed with a lot of crystal and pearls added in which just gives the WOW factor. Adding the perfect veil with matching drop crystals will really set off the detail in your gown - you will look a million dollars - and so you should on your special day!

Make an appointment at Your Wedding Dress today to view our fantastic collection of gowns, tiaras and veils.

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