Monday, 23 July 2012

Beauty products perfect for your wedding day

Here at Your Wedding Consultant HQ we have decided it is time for a little change...something to brighten up these drab rainy summer months we are we have decided to bring in a new line of beauty products! Firstly the fabulous Lauren's Way tanning products. With a variety of products available there is something perfect for everyone:

The Glam tan which is a personal favorite of mine is great for those wanting a slightly darker tan, although still looking very natural. I apply this the night before, first using Lauren's Way moisturiser applying to dry areas. I apply the glam tan using a mitt - which is great because there is no mess on your orange hands! This doesn't streak, it doesn't smell - perfect! Just wait 60 seconds before putting your pj's on and done! I wake up in the morning and wash off - not too much and I'm ready to go! Oh its raining outside?! No problem! I don't get worried about being caught in the rain because the product has already worked - given me a great tan and it wont streak with the sight of any water :-)

Don't have time to apply the night before and just looking for something on the go? Ok no problem introducing to you Instant Wash Off Glow! Again any dry areas use the moisturiser first and you are good to go. A great colour, again no you can see if you have missed any little spots, just go over again with the mitt or your hands and you are ready to go and party! 

Wanting a tan all year round...something quite gradual? Look no further we have the exact product for you - Lauren's Way Gradual Tan - does just that! A fabulous natural colour perfect for keeping us looking sun-kissed through summer and glam through the winter months! Plus a body moisturiser too!

With many many more products on sale visit our gorgeous beauty, fashion and accessories boutique today! 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Flowers for 2012

I have been speaking to Lisa of Dream Day Flowers about trends for flowers for you will find what colours are most popular this season including what particular flowers you can choose to stay on budget!

Lisa, what are the most popular colours making their way this year?
Most brides seem to be having lots of fun with colour this year.  Cadbury’s purple is still about but not as big as 2011.  Vintage themes are very much in vogue this year.  So softer colours and less formal arrangements.  Blue’s are making an appearance this year from Navy to paler blues.  Navy like black can carry any flower colour.

And for flowers....what is big on trend this season?
Roses are always a big favourite with brides, with such a range of colours to choose from.  Flowers can have an emotional meaning and this can give a bride a reason to pick them.  If you have a favourite flower it is lovely if we can include it into your special day. Hand tied bouquets are still the brides favourite with the shower bouquet making an occasional return, depending on the dress.

To give brides ideas for table centres what would be your advice for giving the wow factor at different venues?When thinking about table centres you will have to take your venue into account. If the venue has low ceilings maybe use lower table arrangements to make the room feel more spacious. If you have a very light high ceiling at your venue, you could have very high arrangements filling the space.

You do not need to have the same arrangement on each table, you could do half tall and half in the lower style. Just remember it can distract conversation if flowers are in your guest’s eye line.

If you wish to include candles in your arrangements remember to ask your venue if the use of naked flame is allowed.

Also flowers can be arranged not only in vases etc, the vintage look is coming back this year. The use of jam jars, tea cups and plant pots look different. These could be given as gifts at the end of the wedding.

The all important question - how do brides stay on budget this year?
It is always hard when planning a wedding to have a budget and stay within it. I feel with the flowers is to choose a florist who you feel comfortable with. It you have a budget that is fixed you should tell the florist from the start. This would help them to guide your flowers choice.

If you choose flowers that are in season at the date of your wedding always helps. January to April will have an abundance of spring flowers, Tulips, Hyacinth and Daffodils. Tulips come in many wonderful colours, Hyacinths smell beautiful. From May onwards the summer flowers appear, giving you a huge selection

For my customers I always have a free consultation to discuss their actual needs. If you are having your ceremony and reception in one place, find out if you can use arrangements more than once, for instance by using a piece for the registrars table and putting it on the top table afterwards. Find out if you are paying for vase hire, I loan my vases free of charge.

Lisa of Dream Day Flowers can be contacted through Facebook, twitter or website:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wedding Gown trends for 2012

For help and inspiration for wedding gown trends for 2012 we have added some images below to guide you on your way.....

Soft Lace  - Vintage inspired, soft feminine lace is huge on trend for this year. With the added embroidery of sparkle intertwined into the material, this look is elegant and timeless. Thanks to the royal wedding of our now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, lace has become modern and sophisticated once again. OK so material has been taken care of....moving onto shape? 2 styles of lace gown are very popular this year, as seen here on the left a fishtail design with lace up detail of bodice at the back is the perfect gown to show off your toned figure. For those of us who prefer showing off our waists but hiding our hips, a soft empire line skirt is the perfect solution.

Colour - the slightest hint of colour is making an appearence for 2012. As you can see here on the right, the beautiful sweetheart A-line gown has a tint of champagne, thee colour for your wedding dress should you wish to opt out of the more traditional ivory or white. With a lot of the catwalk designers you can see them bringing in this soft champagne / coffee colour scheme especially Vera Wang  - having seen this first hand from a wedding we coordinated earlier this month.

Textured Materials - Organza tiered gowns and fishtail feathered skirts are becoming on trend this season. The bolder bride who can feel sexy and carry off this designer feel gown are becoming ever more popular!

Belts - Crystal and diamante covered belts are thee designer accessory for your wedding gown this year.. They add enough embellishment to a plainer gown for those of us who are not to crazy about the "sparkle".....or become your own designer and add a bit of sparkle to your gown yourself! A lot of our brides are adding diamante to the back panel of their wedding gowns which looks gorgeous!

Bridemaids -  Asymetrical one shoulder gowns are proving a favourite with bridesmaids for spring and summer 2012. In soft material such a chiffon this makes for a floaty vintage theme inspired wedding complete! Popular colours are again purples, greens and blues.

For a look at our full collection visit us in store, see us on facebook: YourWedding AndEvents or twitter:Wedeventconsult

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Welcome to 2012 with Your Wedding and Events!!

We promise to be more on the ball with our blogs...a new year....a new us!

Ok so for 2012 we have lots to look forward to...clients weddings for "on the day management" and our full coordination service. We have linen bookings to set up, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses to fit and steam...and not to forget our corporate events to organise and manage. Wow 2012 looks to be an exciting year so far!!

We plan to bring you new and exciting blogs throughout the year - shining a light on our industry and testing new products and services...just for you!

Our first blog of 2012 introduces us to our company, what we do and what we can offer you. I know a few of you already know us but for everyone else Hello and Welcome!

We are Your Wedding and Events Consultant. Breaking it down.....we consist of:

Your Wedding Dress
Our bridal boutique situated in the picturesque town of Helensburgh, 5 minutes from the breaktaking views of Loch Lomond. We showcase beautiful bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses including veils, tiaras, shoes and all accessories including occasion bags and guest wear.

Professional and bespoke wedding planning. We have found our "on the day management" to be a popular package with our brides and grooms to be. This includes being involved with your wedding approx 4-6 weeks prior, contacting your suppliers and confirming all your last details...this allows you to put your feet up and relax...enjoy the last few weeks leading up to your big day with friends and family. We will take care of everything and be there on the day to run your wedding the way you wish us to.

Altertanively we also offer full and part coordination services where we are involved with the planning of your wedding. This can be as little or as much as you wish, and as we work with some of the best suppliers in Scotland...our exclusive discounts are passed straight to you!

Your Wedding Consultant Linen Hire
We are excited to launch for 2012 our linen hire. This includes everything from chair covers, sashes, table cloths to napkins. Worried that your chairs are too big to cover??? No Problem!! We can offer a manufacturing service meaning we can cover any chair in any style! This also means we can offer sashes in a range of colours...and if we dont have the exact colour to match...we will make them! Our linens are very competitevly make a visit to our boutique today to view our choice of colours for your wedding.

Moving onto our corporate side of events. We work on a freelance basis meaning companies will make use of our event coordination services when they require an event to be organised. Our portfolio ranges from product launches to gala dinners, from team building days to corporate meetings and conferences. We have experience in events which we are very proud of and look forward to expanding in 2012. We also work with larger events companies on a freelance basis which we are very excited about and keen to progress.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Duchess style gown for Your Wedding Dress!

Our "Duchess" style gown is arriving in-store mid July! We will be launching this fabulous gown with a special promotion in August so keep your eyes peeled....especially in the August issue of Wedding Ideas magazine!

This gorgeous gown has been designed by the superb Madeline Gardner for Mori Lee, one of our best wedding dress suppliers. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous images for our gown simply to be named "Kate"

We will also be launching our brand new Kate inspired veil and tiara from our fabulous team at Heading Up Veils, where they have used wonderful lace for the simple veil and gorgeous diamantes for the fabulous tiara.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Celebrations

To celebrate the Royal Wedding we are teaming up with our mummy shop The Pink Gallery, Helensburgh to give you a day of enjoyment. We will be offering a complimentary glass of bubbly with every purchase made, with Your Wedding Dress offering discounts starting at 29% upwards on selected sample bridal gowns! Make sure you visit us at 28 Sinclair Street, Helensburgh for the party!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Summer is....nearly here!!

The sun has got his hat on...hip hip hip hoorrraay! Well, he did, short lived....BUT we are moving in the right direction! Spring/Summer sunshine is slowly creeping in... enough for us to fish out our summer clothes, sunglasses and flip flops from the back of the wardrobe :-) So in celebration of British summer time here are a few ideas and themes for a perfect spring/summer garden wedding.

Sunflowers, roses, gerbera's  - All perfect to give the right feel to a summer garden wedding. Bursting with colour, texture, smell - photo's here show how various effects can be made from using these collaborations. 

Using such simple but elegant flowers still give the wow factor to your big day. White wicker ceremony chairs each with a single gerberaa placed on seat....organza ribbon tied around the aisle seating, string quartet playing pachelbel's canon as the bride takes her first steps towards her groom.....bliss!

Photographs courtesy of Dream Day Flowers.

Ceremony venue - a house / castle wedding with an elegant marquee - ivory swagging, wooden flooring, white linen with the white wicker chairing each with a varying height of table decoration to really make the first impression! 

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling will help create an elegant but effective atmosphere. Glass will catch the natural sunlight during the day through big open windows....with dimmer switches turning down soft lighting in the night time. 
Photograph courtesy of Boturich Castle

Colour, Colour, Colour!! Corals, Buttermilks, Sages, strawberries... perfect for a garden theme wedding!!