Monday, 23 July 2012

Beauty products perfect for your wedding day

Here at Your Wedding Consultant HQ we have decided it is time for a little change...something to brighten up these drab rainy summer months we are we have decided to bring in a new line of beauty products! Firstly the fabulous Lauren's Way tanning products. With a variety of products available there is something perfect for everyone:

The Glam tan which is a personal favorite of mine is great for those wanting a slightly darker tan, although still looking very natural. I apply this the night before, first using Lauren's Way moisturiser applying to dry areas. I apply the glam tan using a mitt - which is great because there is no mess on your orange hands! This doesn't streak, it doesn't smell - perfect! Just wait 60 seconds before putting your pj's on and done! I wake up in the morning and wash off - not too much and I'm ready to go! Oh its raining outside?! No problem! I don't get worried about being caught in the rain because the product has already worked - given me a great tan and it wont streak with the sight of any water :-)

Don't have time to apply the night before and just looking for something on the go? Ok no problem introducing to you Instant Wash Off Glow! Again any dry areas use the moisturiser first and you are good to go. A great colour, again no you can see if you have missed any little spots, just go over again with the mitt or your hands and you are ready to go and party! 

Wanting a tan all year round...something quite gradual? Look no further we have the exact product for you - Lauren's Way Gradual Tan - does just that! A fabulous natural colour perfect for keeping us looking sun-kissed through summer and glam through the winter months! Plus a body moisturiser too!

With many many more products on sale visit our gorgeous beauty, fashion and accessories boutique today! 

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