Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Flowers for 2012

I have been speaking to Lisa of Dream Day Flowers about trends for flowers for you will find what colours are most popular this season including what particular flowers you can choose to stay on budget!

Lisa, what are the most popular colours making their way this year?
Most brides seem to be having lots of fun with colour this year.  Cadbury’s purple is still about but not as big as 2011.  Vintage themes are very much in vogue this year.  So softer colours and less formal arrangements.  Blue’s are making an appearance this year from Navy to paler blues.  Navy like black can carry any flower colour.

And for flowers....what is big on trend this season?
Roses are always a big favourite with brides, with such a range of colours to choose from.  Flowers can have an emotional meaning and this can give a bride a reason to pick them.  If you have a favourite flower it is lovely if we can include it into your special day. Hand tied bouquets are still the brides favourite with the shower bouquet making an occasional return, depending on the dress.

To give brides ideas for table centres what would be your advice for giving the wow factor at different venues?When thinking about table centres you will have to take your venue into account. If the venue has low ceilings maybe use lower table arrangements to make the room feel more spacious. If you have a very light high ceiling at your venue, you could have very high arrangements filling the space.

You do not need to have the same arrangement on each table, you could do half tall and half in the lower style. Just remember it can distract conversation if flowers are in your guest’s eye line.

If you wish to include candles in your arrangements remember to ask your venue if the use of naked flame is allowed.

Also flowers can be arranged not only in vases etc, the vintage look is coming back this year. The use of jam jars, tea cups and plant pots look different. These could be given as gifts at the end of the wedding.

The all important question - how do brides stay on budget this year?
It is always hard when planning a wedding to have a budget and stay within it. I feel with the flowers is to choose a florist who you feel comfortable with. It you have a budget that is fixed you should tell the florist from the start. This would help them to guide your flowers choice.

If you choose flowers that are in season at the date of your wedding always helps. January to April will have an abundance of spring flowers, Tulips, Hyacinth and Daffodils. Tulips come in many wonderful colours, Hyacinths smell beautiful. From May onwards the summer flowers appear, giving you a huge selection

For my customers I always have a free consultation to discuss their actual needs. If you are having your ceremony and reception in one place, find out if you can use arrangements more than once, for instance by using a piece for the registrars table and putting it on the top table afterwards. Find out if you are paying for vase hire, I loan my vases free of charge.

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