Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The importance of Merchandising!

We have teamed up with Esther Power of Black Feather Styling to bring to you the importance of merchandising for your business.

Visual image is very important to any retail environment:
- Transforms a browser into a potential buyer
- Gives a good visual impression of the inside of shop
- Showcases products
- Make a statement with products and props

Merchandising Inside:
- increases sales through carefully styled mannequins and displays
- which leads to "add-on sales" - i.e. style a mannequin in a jacket, gloves, hat and handbag - someone may love the jacket - see the whole outfit together and therefore purchases each item.
- Gives you the chance to showcase products which customers wouldn't necessarily put together - you have to remember a lot of people are not very good at visualising and imagining - you really have to spell it out to your customers
 - Remember to have your merchandise laid out clearly - do not mismatch your party wear with casual. If somebody is looking for a casual black pair of trousers - why would thy look between the glitz and glamour of party season?
 - Keep items in a colour - coordinated way (ish) - well as much as you can!

Window Dressers do not have to cost the earth. They add the "professionalism" which you carry throughout your shop being brought into your windows to the forefront of your business. If you really have a good window dresser you will find increase in sales straight away - many products sell out when we showcase them within a window display  all thanks to Esther Power!!


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