Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Be On Trend for 2011 with new bridal collections - available to preview very soon!

I am back today from a fabulous break in harrogate, where each year thousands of companies decend on the British Bridal Exhibition ready to either 1)Sell Sell Sell or 2) Buy Buy Buy!!! After puchasing some absolutely gorgeous bridal gowns for 2011, I am now ready to share with you what is on trend in the bridal industry for 2011.

Bridal Gowns:
Many of us have seen from the designer catwalk shows in New York etc that flowers are BIG! Well this has continued into our bridal industry in a big way whether the gown is designed around the flower with its continuation throughout the entire gown, or moving into a simple gown with  flower detail around waistline.

The favourite colour next year for bridal gowns is again Ivory with hints of blush, again in flowers :-) Alternatively there were the occasional gown entirely in blush - however be very careful, using the same precautions with white - this can drain your colouring unless you can hold this well.

Tiars: Side tiaras with large patterns are very popular and on trend for 2011. The traditional style is still here and appears again and again, however many of us like to see the high-street styles we were daily being brought into bridal. These style of tiaras are very poular especially as Cheryl Cole has worn on the X Factor.

Veils: Short veils are very big next year, even tied into the hair band with the side veil is another popular option. Many many brides are moving away from having the veil over their face, so the length is not such an issue naymore. Plus wedding gowns are as much about the back as they are the front, and with the longer length thus meaning it would be hiding any detail.

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