Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fashion - a look at how the high street trends are having an impact on our wedding plans!

With the fashion world going into a frenzy with the nude / vintage look new for this season, this is being carried into our bridal world too. A lot of lace wedding gowns with big girly bows are making an appearance this season, you can imagine wearing this with your bridesmaids in short cut dresses with netting underneath for a prom-style look, while you set your doves free! Tea-party dresses with gorgeous over-the top vintage style corsages or hair pieces will really make you "on-trend" as a guest this season.

Cupcake wedding cakes are becoming ever more popular, really flying the flag for the "british tea-party" feel, again you can imagine sitting in a gorgeous park on your tartan rug basking in the sunshine, while you make your way through your scrumptious picnic!

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